2021 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Award: Showcase 3

“A shepherd and his flock. Taken during the 2021 Pan Celtic Race, Mike Sheldrake replenishes his energy with a breakfast after a few tough days on the bike. With a full stomach, Mike begins to offer the last remaining morsels to the locals before continuing the rest of his journey. Dan King @breakawaydigital

You have a little over a week left to submit your photos for the 2021 edition of the Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards.

Remember that every entry makes a difference. Your registration fees are donated to the noble cause of cancer research through the Tour de Cure and the Aide aux jeunes cyclistes, which will provide financial support to up to two cyclists to help them reach their goals. Goals.

So far, dozens of professional photographers, amateurs and avid cyclists from all over the world have shared their photographs and personal moments with us. It was a privilege to see them all.

And, it is as much about the story behind the image as it is about the image itself. We implore you to read the captions and understand the meaning that the image had for each photographer.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the photos of our first and second showcases.

Professional category

The professional category is open to all photographers who make a living from their work. They compete for prestige and honor, as well as the trophy and perpetual medallions.

“Julian Alaphilippe, on his way to a second consecutive world championship title in Leuven, Belgium.” Nassos Triantafyllou @nassostphoto
“Runners looking for possible routes to Grounded Nebraska (@ grounded.ne) descend a narrow dirt road between cornfields in search of the spirit of gravel adventure in the heart of America. The Grounded Nebraska Gravel Festival will debut in 2022 and will combine elements of racing, horseback riding, adventure and family fun to create an open and welcoming environment for all who ride a bike. Nathan and Morleigh Schneeberger @snowymountainphotography
Wout van Aert solo at the Cyclocross World Cup in Val di Sole. I love how lonely he looks, but at the same time he’s not because he’s surrounded by crowds. Two worlds, him and them which merge in one place. Chiara Redaschi @chiara_redaschi
“For the first time in history, women had their own Paris-Roubaix. I took this photo shortly after arrival, Elisa had just got off the bus to go to the showers. The expression on her face shows how tough the race is, to be honest I could do a post-race album of Elisa so often she gives over 100% every race and ends up completely exhausted. Thomas Maheux @thomas_maheux
“Theo Reinhardt, Felix Gross, Leon Rohde and Domenic Weinstein of Team Germany in qualifying for the men’s team pursuit on Day 10 of the Tokyo Olympics.” Justin Setterfield @justinsetters
“Everyone is the new hero. Ethan Hayter tackles the top of the Michaelgate climb to the UK Nationals while a young fan cheers him on. Based on Ethan’s year, this kid might just be addicted to cycling for life now. »Luis Alcantarilla @eltoromediadotcom
“Tim Declercq (Deceuninck – Quick-Step) after the 13th stage of the Tour de France 2021. Tim fell hard at the start of the race and had to fight all day to get to the finish on time. Luckily he did, but he was completely exhausted after crossing the finish line. Gregory Van Gansen @gregoryVG_Photography
“This year I also had the privilege of photographing the action at the 2021 Australian National Road Championships in Ballarat, Australia with the para-cycling races. These incredible athletes deserve our full attention. They are the best people I have ever seen, always smiling in their efforts and conduct, always looking after each other. It is the race for their own challenge and to reach their own limit. They are truly the best runners on this planet. Jean-Pierre Ronco @imagewriterphotohraphy
“My very first time in a cyclocross race and what a race! It was the World Cup in Besançon. It was cold, snowy, cold again and slippery. But that’s what we love, isn’t it? Louis Legon @louislegon

Amateur Category

The Amateur category is open to non-professional photographers using high-end cameras, and to anyone with a smartphone or drone, or an action camera. The first prize in this category wins a Wahoo Elemnt Kickr, the second prize a Wahoo Elemnt Roam and the third prize a Wahoo Elemnt Rival.

“The last night of Fifth Street Cross in Emmaus, PA had epic rain and a 25 degree temperature change occurred during the race. The race takes place at night and I figured I could capture the runners as they walk past the scoring tent. I tried a shutter speed (1/160) which would highlight the raindrops but also capture runners who are suffering in the moment. Gabe Lloyd @thegabelloyd
“In pursuit of foliage in Minnewaska State Park.” Roman Siromakha @romanshotthis
“This is a photo of Lance Haidet, who races for Legion of Los Angeles, at the Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross on Cape Cod. It was the onset of the golden hour and the low sun was shining brightly on it as it was coming out of a dark corner. I chose to do it in black and white to eliminate noise and focus on the details. Katie Busick @katiebusickphotography
“Summer 2021, the elite Swiss road championship.” Maurizio Barzaghi @hilbarza
“Capture the sunrise on day one of the Super Spartan Gravel ride; a three day trip of 600 km of trails, biking and a small road from Fremantle, Washington to the Margaret River. This was the first edition of the gravel event. Fifteen intrepid runners set out from Fremantle for what turned out to be an epic but grueling adventure in incredible parts of our beautiful Southwest. It was a moment of peace and reflection on how lucky we are to have the freedom and security to ride here. Philippe Stevens @pippystevens
“The morning I took this picture, it was just me, a mom and maybe 4 year old son in Point Judith, Rhode Island, USA. I was in the opposite direction when the little boy yelled “look what the sky is doing”. Look, I did, and the inspiration followed. Three people witnessed it and I was one, but only because of my bike… and this boy. Andy Perrin
“Battle of Great Orme: Stage 4 of the Tour of Britain tackled the steep slopes of the Great Orme and the cut and push of the top riders did not disappoint as the riders fought to conquer the climb as well as each other! I managed to get a great vantage point from a friendly couple’s balcony, observing Michael Woods’ decisive move on the steepest part of the climb with only Wout van Aert and Julian Alaphilippe able to keep up. A great scene performed in front of a huge crowd! Hugh McManus @ hughmcmanus8
“This might just be another run-of-the-mill bike image, but try it out with a random cat I just met in a small Spanish town.” Szymon Kotowski @szymonbike
“Alma, a few minutes before the start of his very first race, barely 2 months after learning to ride a real bike. Jan Mühlethaler @herr_roja
“To me, this shows how difficult riding on Zwift is, often more difficult than actual road bike racing, as the rider has to be constantly alert and cannot ‘ride.’ Dean Koh @deankohbiker