A photographer hacks his old phone to take film photos

ByDavid M. Conte

May 23, 2022

I’m pretty sure we all have at least one old phone gathering dust in the back of a drawer. And to be fair, it’s hard to put it to good use. But Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami thought of something pretty cool to reuse his old broken phone: he turned it into a film camera.

You may already know Alireza. He is a super creative and resourceful photographer who has already shared some of his DIY projects with us. Each is more creative than the other, and now they’ve done something pretty cool again. He kindly shared his photos and a story with DIYP, so let’s see how he turned a camera phone into a film camera phone.

Like most of us, Alireza had a few old broken phones lying around the house. The old Sony Ericsson k700i was no longer of any use, but he thought he might try using it for one of his DIY photography projects. And he did.

He started by removing the lens from another phone. He cut a hole in the lid of the k700i and added the lens to it. He took the battery out of the phone and it became a filming location. He made sure the hole around the lens was completely light-tight so there were no light leaks. He also made a dark cover for the lens itself. Then, rather than pressing the shutter, he controlled the exposure manually by adding and removing the lens cap.

Although the idea is great, the image quality is not as good as one might expect. Still, Alireza tells us that it’s just an idea and a prototype and that he plans to develop it further and see what he can come up with.

So if you want to reuse those old phones that have gathered dust, now you have an idea of ​​what to do with them. Take a look at more photos of Alireza, get inspired, and I hope to see you come up with something similar and maybe expand on his idea.