Amanda Holden’s eyelashes go crazy in a workout pic with her daughter

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Amanda holden is dedicated to keeping her physique in shape and on Saturday she hit the pavement again for a run, this time joined by her youngest daughter, Hollie.

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Taking a selfie in the middle of practice, Amanda could be seen wearing a black cap with her blonde locks tied in a loose ponytail while little Hollie, nine, wore a cute heart print sweater and a bicycle helmet, suggesting that she was riding a bicycle next to her. mom jogged.

However, while Amanda looked mostly makeup-free, her eyelashes were amazing!

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Sharing the snap from the Instagram stories, Amanda wrote, “She’s back. My little #HRH running partner.”

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Amanda’s eyelashes are highly likely to be fake, as she has revealed in the past that she wears them most of the time.

Talk to Woman first in 2017, Amanda confessed, “I never wears full makeup at home but I like to put on a pair of false eyelashes in the morning before leaving school. “

She added: “I know it seems like a lot of maintenance, but if I wear them I feel like I can get out of the house and will still look good.”


Amanda confessed to wearing false eyelashes on days without makeup

Amanda – who shares Hollie, as well as her 16-year-old daughter Lexi, with her husband Chris Hughes – often gives his 1.7 million followers a snapshot of his fitness regimen via his Instagram feed and you can always count on her to look ultra-glamorous even when you sweat.

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Last year, during the coronavirus lockdown, she went for a bike ride with her family and shared an inspiring post with her followers on social media. Beside the photo, she wrote: “As a family we haven’t let this confinement stop us from exercising, it has actually become a vital part of our daily lives. Whether it’s a home workout, a bike ride, a run, or even a walk in the park, sweating is good for the mind, body and soul! #We can do it.”

She also revealed that “running every day kept me cool during this time.”

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