An exhibition at the Pune art gallery focused on “nudity” in photographs

ByDavid M. Conte

Jan 9, 2022

A photographer said an exhibition of his collection of images was stopped at an art gallery in Pune, with its management citing the element of “nudity” in the photographs.

Sunil Mate, the head of Balgandharv Rang Mandir, which houses the art gallery, said photographer Akshay Mali should have informed management of the exhibition’s theme in advance. “We don’t allow such exposures that can hurt someone’s feelings. Such nudity doesn’t seem appropriate (at the art gallery), ” he said.

Mate said that when they learned of the photos and the display theme, the artist was asked to remove the images.

The three-day exhibition of Mali’s photographs began on Friday at the JM Road Art Gallery here in Maharashtra, but was stopped on Saturday. The theme of the exhibition was ‘IT’S ME’ in which the boundaries of art were broken. The exhibit contained nude photos of me and other models clicked into the wild, ” Mali said.

He said on Saturday that some people in the art gallery’s management objected to the photographs and asked him to remove them.

“When I booked the slot, I had not spoken to the management about the nude theme. I had booked the niche by simply mentioning that it would be a photography exhibition, ” said Mali, who claimed that some of his photographs were on a platform via an online exhibition.

It was the first time that I presented my photos in a gallery, but my artistic work faces this kind of opposition. Art has no rules or borders, but there has been an attempt to confine it to a certain framework, ” he added.

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