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ByDavid M. Conte

Nov 15, 2021

Courier Publications / VillageSoup sports staff were recognized by the Maine Principals’ Association for Writing, Photography, Design and Video at the organization’s annual awards ceremony, held virtually for the second year in a row, Saturday 13 November.

The media company’s sports department, which includes Holly Vanorse Spicer, Mark Haskell, Zack Miller and Ken Waltz, has won 26 awards for his work for The Courier-Gazette, Camden herald and Republican newspaper, as well as the and websites.

Oceanside and Medomak Valley play flag football. This image won first place. Photo by Ken Waltz

Individual and group prizes were from Game and Problem Stories, Columns, Print Sections, Print Pages, Photos and Videos created and presented from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

“We work diligently every day to provide readers with stories, photos and videos that reflect the incredible sporting diversity of Midcoast,” said Waltz, athletic director. “The people of Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties deserve the most professional and comprehensive coverage we can offer. These accolades reflect the fact that other media professionals, namely judges from other states, appreciate the quality of our work.

This year’s award nominations calendar, of course, includes much of the pandemic in its own right, so athletic staff have had to adapt, be flexible, and think outside the box.

In the end, the staff received nine awards for The Courier-Gazette, nine for Camden herald and eight for Republican newspaper. In total, the group collected 10 first, 10 seconds and six thirds.

One of the highlights was the fact that the group took top honors for its sports section in three newspapers.

Newspaper divisions are based on circulation, with The Courier-Gazette in division II and Camden herald and Republican newspaper in division I.

Camden Hills is playing a team scrum. This image won a third place. Photo by Ken Waltz

The following is a summary of the individual and group rewards for each journal:

The Courier-Gazette

Haskell, History of the Game, Perfect Second Season of Oceanside Women’s Basketball; and sports news, first, “AD eager for normality”.

Vanorse Spicer, sports columnist, runner-up, hooked on New England fishing and Revs.

Staff, sports section, first.

Waltz, sports photo, first and third; sport profile, second, golf connection for Ricky Jones and Dustin Johnson; sports profile, third, an adult female athlete deals with COVID; and sporting title, second, “No fishing for that answer: Benner becomes the best athlete.”

Of Waltz’s first football photo, the judge wrote: “The players not in pads due to COVID-19 have created a great opportunity for the photographer to capture what is much more difficult in the process. a normal football night: facial expressions. They are expertly shown in this photo and the action fills the entire frame without being busy. In addition, the feet mirror each other. Excellent composition! ”

Of Haskell’s story for the top spot on athletic directors in the face of the pandemic, the judge wrote: “The best entry by far. Some of the best writing I have come across in a while. The author did a wonderful job with this deeply impactful piece from start to finish. Well done.”

Of the winning sports section, the judge wrote: “Head and shoulders above the rest… well done. “

Chris Hart catches a catch in an adult softball game. This image won a third place. Photo by Ken Waltz

Camden herald

Miller, outdoor story, first, Megunticook Rowing pulls in the same direction.

Haskell and Vanorse Spicer, sports chronicles, tied for third. These included Mark’s article on how the pandemic disrupted his family’s daily schedule.

Staff, sports section, first.

Waltz, sports photo, third, football scrum at Camden Hills; sports columnist, first; page design, first; and title, second, “Looking at yourself in a mirror can be a reflective experience”.

Haskell and Waltz, History of a Sports Game, second, Cole Anderson wins two amateur golf titles in Maine.

In Waltz’s first-place column, the judge wrote: “I really liked the ‘appreciation for the loss of athletes’ column in which the writer used sports memorabilia from his youth to explain the potential impact of COVID on the boys and girls who have been pushed aside by the virus. “

Regarding the sports section of the first place, the judge wrote: “Lots of great articles, graphics and photos. User-friendly layout.

Republican newspaper

Miller, sports video, first (playing soccer with colleagues); and sports chronicle, second.

Holly Vanorse Spicer, sporting profile, second, Keach wins first; and outdoor history, third, through exploration, education.

Haskell, sports profile, first, Battani, farmer from Iowa.

Staff, sports section, second.

Waltz, sports photo, second; and the athletic title, first, “Iowa farmer Battani is ready to plant, to help Lions athlete succeed.”

Of Haskell’s sports profile article, the judge wrote: “A well-written article with an interesting and compelling topic and great quotes throughout. The general information provided has been fairly well presented. Kept my interest from start to finish. Very good work.”

Of Waltz’s title for Haskell’s story on Belfast’s new sporting director, the judge wrote: “Good use of AD’s track record to project his philosophy onto a new job. “

Courier Publications / VillageSoup sports staff can be reached by email at [email protected]

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