Bengaluru-based startup Flam brings photographs and the story behind them to li

ByDavid M. Conte

Oct 31, 2021

When Harry Potter and his friends visit the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Common Room, the paintings come to life. They talk, walk, laugh, blunt and even dance. Now imagine that you are pointing your phone at a photo on your wall or desk, and the same thing happens. This is the future of social media. At least that’s what the Bengaluru-based startup Flam would have us believe.

“Flam brings the photographs and the story behind them to life, providing an immersive experience,” says Shourya Agarwal, CEO and founder of the augmented reality app. Just like you scan a QR code and head to a website where you can order food at a restaurant, the app lets you watch a video with a photo.

How different is this video from what we watch on social media apps or WhatsApp? Agarwal says the videos we are watching right now are two-dimensional. “Flam lets you experience it in three dimensions, adding more depth and immersion to what we are watching. We call it the metaverse experience, the meeting of the physical and virtual universe. Think Epic Games or Minecraft. Flam enables a global audience to create and consume user-generated AR content, which addresses the phygital (physical-digital) world and aims to create a global social network.

You can see a video of a flower and butterflies in 2D. Now imagine watching the same thing in 3D. “Flam gives that experience,” he says. He also thinks the current lipsync videos that social media apps allow people to create will look tame compared to 3D videos. The metaverse experience should be natural, with physical reality meeting digital reality on your phone, he adds.

“In five months, 50,000 content creators have joined us and this will change content consumption forever. With that comes adoption leading to a large network, ”he envisions. Interestingly, they plan to sell Flam Cards in supermarkets such as Walgreens in the United States. The company recorded 40 million FlamCard scans within three months of launch.

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How it works:

1) Download the Flam app from the Play Store

2) Upload your original 2D video, select the photo frame you want your recipient to receive and send them your address

3) The photo is printed and accompanied by a Flam card (cost `419) sent to the recipient’s address

4) Once they receive it, they point the app to the photo which is pasted on a wall or desk, etc.

5) The photo then turns into a 3D video

Features on Flam

1) Flam Rewards (gamification of AR camera scans)

2) FlamStories (change the video on the FlamCards)

3) FlamGhost (a hidden photo / video on a blank FlamCard visible only to the recipient)

4) Flam 3D filters and privacy controls

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