BTS: J-Hope reveals his advice to Jungkook for Instagram

ByDavid M. Conte

Jun 5, 2022

BTS member J-Hope shared his advice to Jungkook for his Instagram account, revealed the movie he watched recently, and discussed his meal menu with fans. Speaking to the Weverse fan community forum on Saturday, J-Hope also took a trip down memory lane by listening to old BTS songs and also sharing photos. J-Hope responded to ARMY on the platform and talked about several topics. (Also read | Joe Biden played butter for the members of BTS to make them feel “at home” during their visit to the White House. look)

Sharing a screenshot of the Am I Wrong video, J-Hope wrote on Weverse, “I watch Am I Wrong on a continuous loop. It’s fun, I constantly reminisce about memories from then…I guess maybe among the ARMY some there maybe some people who don’t know Am I wrong, am I?”

When fans asked J-Hope to upload photos from around the time the song was released in 2017, J-Hope replied, “Looking at it now, I think I have to take a look on the hard drive. I don’t have any photos that are before November 2017.” When asked by a fan if he wanted to perform the song on stage, J-Hope replied, “Wow. Would I be able to dance it again??” A fan shared that he watched BTS’s song Butterfly and J-Hope revealed, “I saw them all yesterday. Those masterpieces…”

Sharing a photo of Suga’s hair, a fan wrote, “Our Yoongi, even the hair on the back of your head is cute. J-Hope replied, “As far as I remember, the hair on the back of this hyung (older brother) always floated like that. at that time because he was just awake.” When a fan pointed out that the members were wearing microphones in the video, J-Hope said, “What I do know is that we have to wear microphones. microphones when we shoot videos for the broadcast station.”

A fan asked the rapper, “Did you tell Jungkook how to decorate the Insta layout?” He replied, “I told him, ‘It will be very difficult’ to decorate later.” When asked which movie he’s been enjoying recently, J-Hope replied, “Dr Strange 2!!! Be sure to watch the second post-credits scene!!” Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released last month.

J-Hope talked about Jungkook.

When someone asked J-Hope what he thought about streaming music live, he replied, “Um…of course I’m nervous!!!!! But I think our ARMY will love it.” A fan asked about the video which will be released on Sunday and the rapper replied, “I don’t know either. I’m watching it with ARMY at the same time.”

J-Hope asked ARMY to recommend what he could have for dinner. When a fan suggested a series of dishes, J-Hope asked, “Can I eat something lighter??” While one person suggested ribs, another fan recommended bibim ramen. J-Hope replied, “Should I eat it with the ribs. Oh…I feel like it.”

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are currently expecting their anthology album to be released next week. The album will include old and new songs and will be released on June 10.