City Beach Photographer will showcase the beauty of WA’s coastline and women

ByDavid M. Conte

Jun 1, 2022

A collection of photographs showcasing the beauty of Perth’s coastline – and that of the female figure – will be on display next month.

City Beach-based photographer Sana Brotherson’s first body of work, Diving with the Desired, will feature over 50 images of young women, including Olympic swimmer Brianna Throssell, against the backdrop of iconic Perth beaches such as City Beach, Cottesloe, Trigg, South Beach and Coogee.

Brotherson, 21, said taking pictures of his younger sisters, Nasya, 19, and Aria, 15, sparked his passion for fashion photography.

Camera iconOne of the photographs featured in ‘Diving with the Desired’ taken at City Beach. Credit: Sana Brotherson

“Two years ago we went to City Beach and I took portraits of Nasya and Aria with a video called Unguarded,” she said.


“That’s when I really understood that this was what I had to do, because I love the beach, the ocean and photographing women in that environment.

“Today was about women’s expression and empowering my sisters who have done so much for me.

“I’m lucky to have them because they gave me the ability to film instantly and were always open to my crazy ideas.”

Sana with her sisters Aria (far left) and Nasya (far right) with their mother Anna.
Camera iconSana with her sisters Aria (far left) and Nasya (far right) with their mother Anna. Credit: Provided

After honing his skills in photography and videography through a Bachelor of Media Arts degree at ECU, Brotherson started his business as Capture Framee.

As a swimmer herself, she said Diving with the Desired connects her love for the ocean to taking photos of her friends, family as well as models, using her appreciation of natural light and colors.

“Diving with the Desired is about celebrating women as strong, confident and beautiful beings shown through the perspective of the female lens,” Brotherson said.

“It showcases so many important women in my life as well as the epic WA coastline, so putting it all together has been so special.

One of Brotherson's images taken in South Beach.
Camera iconOne of Brotherson’s images taken in South Beach. Credit: Sana Brotherson

“I really enjoy capturing the different shapes and sizes and colors of the female form and when I photograph girls who have never modeled and they see their photos and are so happy and empowered, it’s a feeling really pleasant.”

Brotherson will travel to Europe in August, where she hopes to capture the natural beauty of women on the beaches of Croatia, Italy and Greece.

Diving with the Desired will take place at the Wow Wow West studio in Victoria Park on June 10.

Tickets are free but registration is essential.