Close-up of collaborating photographer: Michael P. Lowell

ByDavid M. Conte

Dec 1, 2021

Michael P. Lowell

I started my journey photographing years ago using my parents’ Fuji 35mm camera – it had a dented 35mm lens but still worked. As in life, family and work demands were the priority and photography was left out. In the late 90s and until my retirement, I was fortunate enough to start traveling the world supporting global aviation customers and their projects. On a trip to Singapore years ago, I discovered the world of “digital” photography and bought a small Casio Exilim camera which only had 1.3 megapixel capacities and was a little bigger than a credit card! I then used this little camera for my travels around the world.

I have been retired for seven years now after a long and happy career in aviation and have become more serious with my photography. I don’t travel that much anymore (thankfully) and now I’ve improved a lot in terms of the camera compared to the old Casio camera. My favorite subjects these days are birds, wildlife, nature, and landscape and street photography. I use different full frame Nikon APS and Nikon digital SLR cameras using Nikon and Tamron lenses for my photographic subjects.

Edmonds offers such a variety of photographic opportunities with its beaches, wetlands, mountains, town and coastal views. It is a special place to live. My grandparents moved here in the 1930s, and I visited on weekends and summers as a kid and watched Edmonds grow and change for most of my life. My wife and I lived in Edmonds for 27 years, first in the Yost Park area and then downtown until I retired. We then moved north to be closer to our children and grandchildren. My mom still lives in Edmonds so we are frequent “visitors” to visit her and see the city.

I usually visit Edmonds Marsh on my frequent visits to capture the latest changes. I love the way the seasons, tides, and weather change the swamp landscape and the wildlife photography opportunities. Of course the Edmonds waterfront and coastal scenery always captures my focus as well. You can see more of my images on my website Rendezvous around the Sound.

Don’t forget to “Capture a moment, capture a place, capture life!” “

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