Curious Photographer: Thoughts on Mayor Eric Adams’ Plan to End Gun Violence

ByDavid M. Conte

Feb 11, 2022


Photo by David Greene

This week, we asked readers what they thought of Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to end gun violence.

“What will work is if they bring back the ‘Stop & Frisk’ [policy] and they are defunding the police again, giving them back the money they deserve. When they had the Stop & Frisk, even though people say it was racist, I think it wasn’t so racist. It’s just that people complain, and that’s wrong. If they bring this back, I guarantee crime will go down. When they had it when [Mayor Michael] Bloomberg was there, the City was perfect; crime was very low. They have to put restrictions on guys selling guns; they must. The bad guys have better weapons than the military, and that’s not good.

Ricky Santiago,

Bedford Park

Photo by David Greene

“I’ve heard parts of his plan, but I don’t agree with what he’s doing. I believe there are a lot of individuals who carry around a lot of cash and work very hard for their money, and they should be allowed to carry a gun for self-protection. Now with gun violence, if a person has consistent crimes and arrests, they should go to jail. The prison system is a game; it’s a joke, and politicians use it for politics. You’re supposed to go to the feds now if you get caught with a gun, and it’s supposed to be a year for each bullet.

Jean Abreu,

hunting point

Photo by David Greene

“So far, I agree with what he says because there are too many guns here, and the majority of people who get shot are mostly children: innocent bystanders. So with all the problems going on right now, we need someone like him here to help us with all these guns, not just to chase them but also to keep them inside. Anyone with a gun shouldn’t be able to get out; that’s what kills a generation. Many young children are the ones who carry arms and shoot. I was shot four times in August 2020. I thank God that I am still alive today. The person who shot, I spoke to him and I forgave him. If I can’t forgive him, how will God forgive me?

Miguel Perez,

Fordham Heights

TIFFANY FORTE, CROWN Heights, Brooklyn
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Forte

“I support Mayor Adams and his plan to address gun violence in New York. We lose lives every day and stopping the flow of guns is a non-negotiable tactic. To address violence in schools, I support the restoring training in conflict resolution and peer mediation.

Tiffany Forte,

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Photo courtesy of John Schaffer

“The city is going to pure hell with these Democrats in power. Put “Stop & Frisk” back there. The State from which these weapons come; we know the routes they take. You just set up checkpoints; it’s not rocket science. Then you go to the southern states where all the shops sell guns and put a stop to that. They have to do the same with the flow of illegal Mexicans crossing the border.

John Schaffer,

Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn