Five photography-related gifts for your Valentine’s Day

ByDavid M. Conte

Feb 4, 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of us are still on the hunt for the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. Finding a gift for a photographer can be a challenge, as they often have all the gadgets. Many photography-related purchases can also be quite expensive. High prices can make it even harder to find something reasonable while our wallets have yet to recover from holiday shopping.

Despite these challenges, there are interesting and creative options that can meet the expectations of the most demanding photographers.

Many photographers are caught up in the high-tech, highly detailed world of photography. It can be nice to break free from it once in a while and use something more low-tech and spontaneous. The Instax Mini is a great way to help them have more fun with their medium. Plus, they then have something instant physical to show off. The resulting footage can provide a cool physical record of your adventures together.

Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

If your Valentine is a big fan of phone photography, a lens kit can be a great way to help expand the range of possible images he can take. External lens kits for phones allow you to clip lenses with different viewing angles (telephoto, fisheye, wide angle). Unique filters are also included to be even more creative with the device they probably always have on hand. This particular lens kit on Amazon comes with an easily removable clip to attach the lenses, a range of lenses to cover different focal length ranges, creative filters and even a selfie light. It’s a lot cheaper than going for an expensive lens for their main camera.

Red backdrop for studio photography.

If your photography-focused partner loves studio work and portraits, a red background to help them take special photos for the day could be a great gift. This polyester backdrop is very affordable, machine washable and comes with four clips for easy hanging. As a bonus, red will also work for Christmas, making this multifunctional.

Camera lens cleaning kit.

One thing photographers can never have too many of is camera cleaning kits. Although it’s not the most exciting gift, it certainly comes in handy. Lens cleaning kits are essential in every camera bag and anywhere they can access when the camera is on the go. Since many of the items in the kits are single-use items, even a simple packet of lens wipes would be a thoughtful yet practical gift. Finally, sensor smudges are an unfortunate but all too common aspect of photography. A sensor cleaning kit can be another useful gift your photographer will appreciate. Just make sure you get a kit that matches their camera. There are different versions for crop sensors compared to full frame.

Square photo prints

Many photographers slack off when it comes to printing their images or displaying their work. Or, maybe they only print photos that have received a lot of love on social media, not sentimental photos. So, surprising them with personal and meaningful physical prints is a great way to show how much you care about them.

Parabo Press has a few different options that would make great gifts for your Valentine. Their set of square prints and magnetic photo string are a fun way to display multiple prints at once. Maybe you highlight a particular trip you both loved or choose lots of random images for variety.

If you want to make a bigger statement, Parabo Press’s engineer prints are an inexpensive way to do it. They are not art print quality, but they can add a unique touch and are very affordable. Add the optional photo rails to immediately get the impression on the wall in a stylish way.