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ByDavid M. Conte

Jun 22, 2021

The new issue of Digital Photographer is now available.

This month we have another amazing issue for you, filled with professional techniques, tips, and ideas.

Mastering outdoor portraits

Handle delicate conditions for stunning portraits outside the studio (Image credit: Avenir)

Working in a studio gives you good levels of lighting control, but working without that one setting, in an outdoor location, offers huge opportunities for creative photography. In our cover story for this issue, we take a look at the best professional methods for dealing with complex natural light, working with strong colors, and using composition to get the most out of an environment. Take better photos of your subject outdoors today!

Take part in our masterclass on landscape editing


Treat your scenes professionally for best results. (Image credit: Avenir)

Image processing can be functional or creative. Both approaches are fine, but sometimes you need to combine both aspects to get the best images. In this issue, we’ve prepared a masterclass on landscape editing for you, courtesy of expert James Abbott.

Learn how to focus your images, create natural HDR blends, stitch amazing panoramas, and combine your knowledge for HDR panoramas.

Capture portraits through glass

Add a creative touch to your portraits (Image credit: Avenir)

Next, we serve up a shooting guide detailing how to take creative portraits through glass. Expert portrait photographer Holly Wren walks us through the techniques to keep taking amazing and intimate photos, while maintaining a strict social distancing policy, making your clients feel safe, while moving your business forward.

The madness of motorsport!

Always wanted to become a professional motorsport shooter? Take a look at our feature and find out if you’ve got what it takes … (Image credit: Avenir)

Advanced tour of travel tripods


Explore our group test to find the best camera mount for you (Image credit: Avenir)

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