Google Photos brings the “Sharing” tab back to the bottom bar

ByDavid M. Conte

Jun 25, 2021

Last June, Google redesigned the Photos app with clearer navigation, a new logo, and a map view. In response to “user comments and comments”, Google Photos is coming back a change to bring the “Sharing” tab back to the bottom bar.

Update 6/25: If you didn’t have this Google Photos overhaul before, it should be widely rolled out on Android now.

Update 16/16: The updated navigation system has quietly returned today. If it does not return to normal on your device, force force shutdown Google Photos in the App Info menu in system settings.

Update 6/15: The new Google Photos bottom bar with a “Sharing” tab was oddly missing for some Android users tonight. Affected people return to the three-section layout while sharing returns to the upper left corner. This regression follows the release of version 5.46 yesterday and was probably done in error. IOS users don’t seem to be impacted.

5/6 original: With last year’s redesign, “Sharing” was moved to the top left corner on mobile, allowing Google Photos to have only three main sections. It’s now back in the bottom bar, but as the third item from the left – rather than the fourth. To preserve muscle memory, Library fortunately remains the last tab. Google says it “brings your shared photos back to the Home screen, allowing you to easily view and manage shared content.”

Meanwhile, the print store – when available – now takes that corner position and is removed from the Library tab, where it’s currently a carousel of giveaways, photo prints, and on canvas and premium print series. This setting allows the Library tab to focus only on your albums, archives, and folders.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Google Photos experience by listening to user feedback and feedback. Today we’re starting to roll out UI changes to make it easier to find your Shared Memories and Print Store.

These changes are taking place today on Android and soon on ios.

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