Goose upside down: Dutch photographer captures bird showing off

ByDavid M. Conte

Aug 3, 2021
Instagram: B0unce1971 // Vincent Cornelissen

This goose has clearly decided to fly upside down. But why?

Photographer Vincent Cornelissen took the photo of the dark gray-brown bean flying near the town of Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The photo shows the goose with its body upside down, twisting its neck and head into its normal position. We are reliably informed that the goose is fine, however, it can be a bit hissy.

Speaking to Newsround, Cornelissen said he was surprised by what he saw and had never seen a goose turn around before or since.

“I go out almost twice a week and have never seen it. Even now that I know this behavior, I watch them fly regularly, never saw them again,” he said.

“I was absolutely surprised! I didn’t know a goose was capable of doing this. At first I thought it had overturned because of the wind.”

But … why is this bird doing this?

After the photo went viral on Twitter, experts guessed what the bird could do, including “showing off” or turning around to slow itself down while flying.

“They told me it was called ‘whistling’,” explains Cornelissen, explaining the unusual method of a slowing bird.

“A professor from Istanbul University told me that he believed in the whistle theory because the turn causes downforce on the wings. He even uses this image in his lessons.

“A bird professional in the Netherlands says it’s probably a way of showing off to fellow birds. I don’t know what’s true, I like both explanations.”

Goose writhing in the air.Instagram: B0unce1971 // Vincent Cornelissen

Photographer Vincent Cornelissen captured the goose as it twisted to its upside down position in the air

Is it real?

However, some people on social media have also said that they believe the image is fake, which Vincent can understand.

“There are still a lot of people who think this is wrong and I can understand that. It is something that not many people know or have seen.

“I don’t need to defend myself,” he added. taken.”

I was absolutely surprised! I didn’t know a goose was capable of doing this.

Vincent cornelissen, Photographer

The photo was taken and shared on social media last March, but recently went viral for the second time thanks to a photography competition in Cornelissen’s home country of the Netherlands.

“I am honored to receive so many positive reactions and that the photo brings a smile to so many faces. It is a photo that people are sharing and talking about. I am grateful to have been these on this rainy and windy day. in Arnhem in March, “he said.

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