Hyundai genesis luxury sports car competitor

ByDavid M. Conte

Nov 2, 2021

Genesis, through all accounts, makes very good cars. Their sales, however, remain far behind Mercedes, BMW or Audi. The problem Genesis faces is not an inferior product, he is an inferior brand image. It is considered a “crazy Hyundai”, a budget brand with some chrome accents. To dispel that image, Genesis has to do something Kia or Hyundai would never do: they have to make an AMG GT competitor.

Luxury brands need a high end, a halo car to show what the company’s engineers can do. That is why Lexus built the LFA, and why Mercedes has its sleek and refined two-seater highway cruising. Genesis needs its own car at the top to plant its flag in the luxury car market.

The G90 is a good top of the line, but it's not exactly distinctive

The G90 is a good top of the line, but it’s not exactly distinctive
Photo: Genesis

There are a few things that the Genesis Halo needs. First, it has to be rear-wheel drive – the company isn’t adapting its siblings’ existing platforms at Kia or Hyundai, it uses its own rear-wheel drive. “M3” platform for everything except the G70. A top Genesis product must continue (and show) this tradition by being rear-wheel drive only.

Then it needs a long hood and a short trunk. Genesis already uses this style as a shortcut for luxury, possibly due to their ex-exterior designer Bentley. For a halo car, however, Genesis needs a caricature of this layout – the the longest hood, the the shortest platform. The AMG GT or the Viper are the dimensional references, and Genesis will need that long hood for the next feature.

Third, the halo needs an engine that no Kia or Hyundai gets. Something ostentatious, a little absurd, but somewhat reasonable to build: the 6.6l quad-turbo V12. I know, that sounds like an absolute waste in a world that is quickly becoming electric, but Genesis already uses a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 in much of its lineup. You just need to assemble two. This 2004 forum post said it could theoretically work, and that’s good enough for me.

I'm not going to require Genesis to sell their halo car in a teal to purple paint color, but I strongly encourage them.

I’m not going to demand that Genesis sell their halo car in a teal to purple paint color, but I strongly encourage them.
Photo: Genesis

Genesis is no stranger to this concept. Society teased various cut, winking and hinting that we might one day see production. Unfortunately for Genesis, renderings are easy – anyone can model a two-door concept for some press-lit press shots.

What the company needs is for one of them to reach production. The highest form of Genesis’ design language, the pinnacle of their front-engine and rear-wheel-drive engineering. It would be moonlight, but cement the brand as a real luxury competitor.

And that’s something Hyundai and Kia could never do.

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