Intel shares image of new Shiny Alder Lake processors in final form

ByDavid M. Conte

Oct 6, 2021

Intel VP Gregory Bryant shared the first official image of The new Intel Alder Lake processors on Twitter today. One of Intel’s employees can be seen holding two Alder Lake chips, showing both the front and back of the large processor, which is designed to be housed in a new, larger LGA 1700 socket. While we’ve seen tons of unofficial photos of Alder Lake already, the Twitter post gives a strong hint that the new processor is almost here.

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Sadly, Bryant hasn’t shared or hinted at an official release date for the new architecture, but at least he did tell us that a release is “coming soon,” and we can see what the chips really look like. Alder Lake, albeit from a distance. Keep in mind that the image is probably a marketing stunt. Usually, fully built processors are not salvageable inside factories, so the person wearing the bunny costume in the photo has likely grabbed the chip from a retail package to show it off at the facility. Intel test.

As for a specific release date, the best information we have right now is an assumed release date of November 4 or 19 for 12th Gen Intel Core Alder Lake processors. This rumor could probably be true as we have started to see new Z690 motherboards popping up in online retailers, and more leaked references have appeared in the wild. Bryant’s Twitter post could also hint at that release time, though that’s a stretch.

Alder Lake could be one of the most exciting processor launches we’ve seen in a long time from Intel, with the new architecture marking Intel’s first steps beyond 14nm into the desktop market, as well. as many other improvements.

Alder Lake will be a significantly improved and diverse architecture compared to Rocket Lake and previous 14nm architectures. Featuring a new hybrid core layout – similar to ARM’s big.LITTLE strategy, and much higher performance with a promised 19% IPC improvement over Rocket Lake. Not to mention support for newer and faster DDR5 memory which, combined, could make the 12th generation the best gaming processors on the market until AMD released Zen 4.

In fact, Intel has so much faith in Alder Lake that Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said AMD’s advance was over in a recent interview with CRN. The chief executive said AMD has done a good job over the past two years, but it’s now over with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids on the horizon.

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