Jenelyn’s family upbeat – Post Courier

ByDavid M. Conte

Jun 23, 2021


A year ago, the nation was united, through a single photo on the front page of a daily newspaper – a photo of Jenelyn Kennedy, 19, who was tortured and beaten for days before her lifeless body was lost. dumped at Port Moresby. Development room of the general hospital.

Her aunt, Elizabeth Bradshaw, in an exclusive interview with Post-Courier, recounts the “painful year-long journey” since.

“For our family, the journey was painful but it also helped us to unite, to hold together and most of all, to learn to be patient, to stop and to think,” she said.

“The death of my niece broke my heart.

“I remember seeing his bruised, bruised and broken body and I wanted to scream; I was filled with so much anger at the injustice of it all, but over the past year or so, I have come to see and realize that his death is a beacon of hope, to those who do. have preceded and for those who have followed it, a glimmer of hope for those who have given up along the way, those who have stopped believing in the public order systems of this country.

“We won’t stop fighting no matter how long it takes.

“We will get justice for Jenelyn to prioritize all those who have lost loved ones or who are living with the scars of gender-based violence.

“There are so many people to thank, but I want to start with the media, for getting the story out.

“It shocked the nation, yes some said it was unethical but when I look back I don’t regret it because it moved the nation; it showed the horrific truth of the gender-based violence that is found in our homes and communities.

“I thank FM 100, Post-Courier, EMTV – and even the international media, Belinda Kora and ABC – and the other media.

“The media were with us every step of the way, so thank you.

“I thank PNG for the support that has poured in from all over the country – 22 provinces as one.

“I thank the government in place, which has since set up the GBV committee.

“I thank Prime Minister James Marape and his wife Rachael, Rainbo Paita – who walked with us without forgetting Powes Parkop.

“I thank Terence Moka and his security company and all the women who came, who stood with us, who walked with us.

“MAN UP and Digicel, government departments, companies and NGOs – when I look back on that time, I’m just grateful! “

Ms Bradshaw said they had yet to put Jenelyn’s gravestone in place as they had promised it would be placed once they obtained justice for her death.

“The flowers, we still keep them at home, last week, for this year, for its first anniversary, we want to see the case go up to the level of the National Court, we had to do that last week but the documents were not ready, so for us as a family our goal is hopefully to have the mention during this month to mark the one-year trip, ”she said.