Letter: Forum photographer took the perfect shot of an exceptional bison play – InForum

When high expectations become the norm, it can be easy to overlook great performance.

Take the one-handed interception of North Dakota State University cornerback Destin Talbert in the end zone in Friday’s semi-final game against James Madison University. It looked like JMU was looking for a potential touchdown and eventual victory over the Bison. However, Talbert’s play helped seal the victory and propel the Bison to Frisco, TX for the Bison’s ninth NCAA National Championship game in 11 years.

As any athlete knows, this kind of game doesn’t just happen. Talbert combined all the hours of practice and the movie theater to anticipate the action and put himself in a position to make a championship game. In short, his preparation and his efforts led to a great performance!

On that note, go back and take a second look at the Forum photo that captured the moment. Photographer Michael Vosburg magically stopped the game at the exact moment: the ball landing softly in the hand of an outstretched Talbert with the referee slightly blurry in the foreground. Two players converging on Talbert with an emotionally frozen fan reaction in the background (how about the fan with the yellow suit, graduation cap, and pom pom).

I didn’t meet Michael Vosburg but went to high school with Forum photographer David Samson. Samson was already taking photos for the local newspaper when he was in high school and he dedicated his professional life to the art of photography and sports photography. I am sure Vosburg is equally dedicated.

Again, this kind of game doesn’t just happen. It required a seasoned pro who could anticipate the action and put himself in a position to play a championship. The image is truly a thing of beauty.

Once again, the preparation and the effort led to a great performance! Good game!!

Jerry Rostad lives in Fargo.

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