Meet Vanessa Villela’s Photographer Fiance, Nick Hardy AKA Tom Fraud

ByDavid M. Conte

Apr 22, 2022

Vanessa Villela joins the cast of sell sunset in season 4 and returns in new episodes of the Netflix series. Season 5 of sell sunset features many relationships within the O group, including that of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim and Vanessa and her beau Nick Hardy. Learn more about the photographer and his commitment to the sell sunset star.

Nick Hardy |

‘Selling Sunset’ star Vanessa Villela is engaged to Nicholas Hardy

Vanessa and Nick recently took their relationship to the next level. The duo got engaged at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles in January 2021.

“Two souls one heart!” Vanessa captioned a video of the special moment. “I SAID OUISSSSS.”

Her caption continued by detailing her relationship with Nick. “A year ago I met the man of my dreams, the man who makes my heart skip a beat every time, the man who makes me better in every way, the man I respect, adore , admire and love with all my heart. You came into my life when I least expected it and you came to fulfill my dreams. Our love story is like a movie and you are my prince!!”

According to her post, Vanessa manifested Nick, “the man I’ve always dreamed of and more.” She concluded:

“I can’t believe I’m living this life, sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming and I have to pinch myself to know it’s a dream but in real life. You paint the stars in my heart and even when I think it can’t be possible to be better there, you paint more stars there. You are my best friend, my man, my pajaro, my hero, my everything.

As of publication, the arrangements for their wedding are unknown.

Nick Hardy is known as photographer Tom Fraud

According to his website, “Tom Fraud represents dreamers and believers who follow their hearts, instincts, and desires.” Nick’s biography continues: “Fraud represents the idea of ​​going against the grain, doing your own thing and doing it your own way.” Tom Fraud has portfolios containing photos of women, men, sports, travel, music and commercial work.

Before starting to work under the pseudonym of Tom Fraud, Nick was the creative director of a large photo agency in London. “Her talent lies in expressing timeless images that exude beauty and sophistication with a twist,” the site continues. “Fraud is a way of life.

Vanessa Villela presents Nick Hardy in season 5 of “Selling Sunset”

Some people watch sell sunset for the real estate porn offered by the Netflix series. Others watch it for the drama. Then there are those people who log on to see the relationships blossom.

sell sunset fans will meet Nick in new episodes of the Netflix series. He’s not in many episodes, but Nick shows up at the Oppenheim Group offices with a surprise for Vanessa that lets all the women do the talking.

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Outside of Vanessa’s relationship, there’s a lot of drama between the women of The O Group, including the residual emotion that lingers from the Season 4 finale. Watch Season 5 of sell sunset on Netflix from April 22.

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