Photo of Royal Enfield 650cc cruiser leaked ahead of launch

ByDavid M. Conte

Dec 15, 2021

Posted on Dec 15, 2019 2021 17:05:00

Royal Enfield’s upcoming 650cc cruiser was first spotted in production form, featuring an inverted fork and alloy rims.

Royal Enfield is preparing to launch its much anticipated 650cc cruiser soon, having already shown a conceptual version called SG650 at EICMA last month. Now, a photo of the production version of the bike appears to have leaked online, giving us a first look at the shape of the road.

Much like a typical cruiser, it appears to sport a long, low profile, with a very large and bulky fuel tank. The rider is entitled to a hollowed-out saddle, handlebars tilted slightly backwards and reasonably advanced footrests, and the riding position is likely to resemble that of the Meteor. In fact, some rumors even suggest that this bike could go by the name Super Meteor.

But another name that has done the trick is Shotgun 650, and even the EICMA concept bike seemed to hint at that label. Two versions of this upcoming 650cc motorcycle have been tested in the past, with slightly different ergonomics, so it is possible that both badges will see the light of day. If RE’s current single-cylinder lineup is anything to go by, then the bike in this image is more likely to be the Meteor 650, thanks to its cruiser layout. The Shotgun nametag will likely be reserved for a slightly sportier version of this bike, like the layout seen on the concept bike.

This image confirms what previous spy shots have already revealed – that this cruiser will get alloy rims (a first for a 650cc RE) and an inverted fork (this will be the only bike in the RE range to have one). The two examples shown in the picture are both sport seat stays (probably optional accessories), but differ in that one has a large front windshield while the other does not. not. It could also be an optional add-on, or, perhaps, the shotgun will come in multiple trim levels. There’s a third bike that’s partially visible in the image, and two of the three bikes appear to feature the Tripper navigation module, while the third bike’s instrument cluster area is indistinguishable. This hints at the possibility that the pod could be part of the standard equipment list, making it the first 650cc model to feature it.

The shotgun will be powered by the same 270-degree 648cc parallel twin engine that already runs in the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. With dollops of low-end torque, it’s already very well suited to the cruiser format. , so there is unlikely to be a change in tone, and you can expect the same output figures of 47 hp and 52 Nm.


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