photograph of Blackheath wins top Georgia Brogan award | Blue Mountain Gazette

ByDavid M. Conte

Oct 10, 2021

A former resident of Blackheath was recently announced as the winner of the prestigious Australian Life Photography Award – with a photo taken in the High Mountain town last year.

Georgia Brogan, 19, was named the winner of the competition organized by the city of Sydney in September. Brogan’s success is all the more remarkable as she is the youngest participant in the competition.

The winning photo, well titled Youth, shows Brogan’s sister Giselle, then 11, in the backseat of a car on a generally gloomy winter evening in Blackheath during the lockdown in 2020. One of the award judges, the photographer Trent Parke said: “The colors and appearance of the image are nostalgic and romantic – it’s absolutely stunning. Every time I see it, I want to put it on the cover of a book. love it. “

Brogan spent his childhood in Blackheath and attended Blackheath Primary School. Her father and sister still live in the city, while she is based at Stanmore in Sydney’s Inner West while studying film at Sydney University of Technology.

Youth was taken on a particularly foggy night in Blackheath, “Brogan told the Gazette. “I had spent a good part of the year with my father and sister in Blackheath while studying online.

“The night I took Youth, we were all sitting in the car on the Great Western Highway. It was a typical photo trip, in which I had bribed my sister with trampoline promises to come and be my muse for a few photos. The image was not planned because I find that I work better spontaneously, by relying on my intuition.

“The light was arranged in a delicate but cinematic way, and I took advantage of it. It’s a huge aspect of why I love photography so much – the way special and unforeseen moments are everywhere, waiting to be captured, if you choose to look for them. “

Youth was selected as a winner from 28 finalists and earned Brogan a cash prize of $ 10,000.

“Winning the award was an unexpected thrill and a huge honor,” she said. “I was in incredible company with the other 27 finalists, all of whom are extremely talented and an inspiration to move forward.”

Brogan hopes to develop his career as a photographer in the coming years, as well as experimenting with documentary film and writing projects.

“It also confirmed the favorable comments of the judges towards my work and motivated me to continue to perfect my individual photographic style.”

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