Photographer explains why she and her husband wanted to build a house

ByDavid M. Conte

Aug 6, 2021

Early last year, Alivia Fields, a photographer from Oregon, and her husband decided to buy their first home. Their real estate agent ended up showing them a piece of earth, so there wasn’t really a house to see, but as a photographer, Fields had the creative vision of seeing what a piece of earth could become. “We went out and were so blown away by what was going to be,” says Fields. “We knew the property was going to take a little longer, but being able to participate in the house building process was very intriguing for us. They hadn’t even realized how fun ordinary house building tasks would be, like going to different vendors and picking out colors for the tiles, walls, and grout and looking at the different types of doorknobs.

“Aesthetically, as a photographer I’m always looking for beautiful spaces to photograph and being able to create that environment for myself has been so cool and now we’re addicted,” says Fields. So much so that Fields and her husband are in the process of buying a second home in Orlando. “I’m so excited for this second home,” says Fields. “The idea that we have a space and that we design it so that people feel calm – I’m very happy to share it with the world.” To other homebuyers, Fields offers a tip: don’t rush the process. And if you can, find a mortgage company that’s fast, clear, and there for you every step of the way.

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