Photographers to follow on Instagram: July 9, 2021

ByDavid M. Conte

Jul 9, 2021

Every day the PetaPixel The Instagram account shares great photos of our readers and those who inspire us. Here’s a look at some of our recent favorites and the photographers behind the lens.

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Below we recognize a selection of talented photographers who recently showcased their work on @PetaPixel. Continue to post your images with #petapixel and you could end up here next week.

Dominic O’Brien, or @_dominicobrien on Instagram, is a landscape photographer based in South East Queensland, Australia. This photo of Milford Sound, however, was taken during O’Brien’s first visit to New Zealand. “With this picture,” he said PetaPixel, “I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the mountains and the waterfall, so I smoothed out the water and the sky by taking a long exposure, using my 15-stop ND filter.”

Marybeth Kiczenski, known as @shelbydiamondstar on Instagram, describes herself as an automotive landscape photographer and is an ambassador for Michigan State Parks. Her favorite landscape scenes are at night under the stars and with the Northern Lights.

Francisco Hernandez is a Sony Ambassador and South Texas portrait photographer who can be found on Instagram as @fjhphoto. With in-depth knowledge of off-camera flash, Hernandez freely shares his expertise via YouTube and Instagram with behind-the-scenes content during a shoot.

Martin Kiessling, on Instagram as @ martin.kiessling, is a Stockholm-based portrait photographer. Kiessling said PetaPixel via email that his black and white photo series was originally a technical quest, but has grown into something different. “Thanks to this project, I realized that a good atmosphere in the studio and real conversations with the people I photograph are much more important than just perfect lighting or the most expensive glass,” he said. declared.

Brent Zeiss is a nature and landscape photographer based in Newport Beach, Calif. And can be found on Instagram as @brentzeiss. “When I shoot, it’s like a sudden burst of energy,” Zeiss said. “I love photography and everything related to it.”

Tyler Richardson is a sports photographer for BYU and can be found on Instagram as @tylerjrichardsonphoto. If you are interested in clean sports portraits, this will be the one to look at.

Jan Breckwoldt, or @janbreckwoldt_photography on Instagram, is a Sydney-based photographer who appreciates the diverse landscapes and night skies of his native region. This photo is especially special for Breckwoldt, not only because it depicts the deep, dreamlike fog that all photographers love to play in, but discovered in post-processing that the ferry’s name is the same as its girlfriend.

Christie Berube, known as @christieqphotography on Instagram, is a wedding photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dedicated to her love of traveling anywhere for a wedding, she even got a plane tattoo. She also offers mentorship to aspiring wedding photographers who share her enthusiasm for the art.

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Image credits: All photographs used with permission of their respective photographers.

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