Sezzle, bread partner on the loan program

Payments company Alliance Data Systems has partnered with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Sezzle, Alliance offering its Bread installment lending business through Sezzle’s merchant network.

“Through this integrated partnership, Sezzle will leverage Bread’s in-depth underwriting and installment loan product to reach more customers who purchase big-ticket items, while providing a full range of products to its merchant partners,” said the companies in a press release Monday (Oct. 25).

Bread, which was acquired by Alliance in December last year, will work alongside Sezzle to offer Sezzle’s more than 40,000 merchants – including Target and Bass Pro Shops – more options at checkout, according to the communicated. It should be available for traders in early 2022.

“Sezzle is B Corp certified and is on a mission to financially empower buyers by creating transparent, best-in-class experiences,” said Sezzle CEO. Charlie youakim. “It also includes a focus on building credit and financial education, as well as sustainability, social good and ethical partnerships that are increasingly important to next-generation consumers. By providing Bread’s installment payment solution to customers, we can leverage our buy-now, pay-later success, and expand our product line to include additional installment loan options that give ambitious and expensive buyers more. means to pay.

According to the companies, Bread’s three- to 48-month installment loans will complement Sezdle’s BNPL options, while also giving both companies a chance to grow. The partnership will see Bread generate loans through its subsidiary, Comenity Capital Bank.

“This agreement allows Bread and Sezzle to expand their reach and generate mutual growth, while giving more traders the tools to be successful by attracting a variety of customers and basket sizes,” said Val Greer, EVP and Commercial Director of Alliance Data.

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The partnership comes less than two weeks after Sezzle announced it was developing another partnership with credit bureau TransUnion, to allow customers to establish and build credit based on their repayment history with Sezzle.

Sezzle users eligible for Sezzle Up will have their reimbursement information submitted to TransUnion, giving them a head start on a better financial situation.



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