Take a trip to Plymouth in the 1940s in 47 photographs

ByDavid M. Conte

Mar 20, 2022

Images include before and after the Blitz, school photographs, wrestling and faces of people from the decade

It’s the time of the week to look back on another decade. Whether you’re in Plymouth in the 1940s or have family, this might bring back memories.

We dug through the archives to bring you X photographs. Photos include before and after the Blitz, school photographs, wrestling, and faces of people from the decade.

One of the women pictured, Doris Anstey (née Brady), worked as a maid at Pennycross. She came from a large Stonehouse family, married a sailor, and for a few years after the war worked as a maid in a kennel.

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“His boss was a man named Bert Chapman,” recalls Marlene Horton, Doris’ daughter. From time to time, as a young teenager, she went to help her mother.

“She loved her job and her dogs. She used to feed them, walk them, clean the kennels and take them to the track on race nights. Her favorite was a beautiful animal called Dangerous Bridge, but she loved all dogs – each section had its own kennel.

“I think she worked with them for about four or five years before moving on to another job. After my parents divorced, my mother remarried, this time to a Royal Marine, who on discharge got a job at the Embassy and, like Doris Anear, ended up traveling the world whole with him – Japan, Budapest, Malta.

“Unfortunately, I can’t add much more. My mother could have told you more, but unfortunately she passed away about 18 months ago. She was 98 years old.

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