The author needs Christmas photos at home

ByDavid M. Conte

Oct 5, 2021

For the publisher:

I am writing to you today to ask you a great favor. I have written another book and ask anyone reading this letter to send me their favorite photo of how their home looks on Christmas morning or during the season.

The name of this book is tentatively “Christmas in Brown County” or “Christmas in Brown County”, or something like that. This will be decided as the layout of the book progresses. I would like this book to show the world how we live here in Brown County. It is designed to be a coffee table type book that anyone can show to other family members when they arrive to spend Christmas Day with them.

It could be a photo of their decorated Christmas tree with or without presents under the tree, of children opening presents, of their Christmas table for dinner, of children lining up in a store to sit on the lap of the tree. santa claus or tell him what they want to receive while they cry or smile. All photos relating to Christmas would be acceptable and appreciated. Or if they have a photo of Santa’s train entering Helmsburg that would be great, or just Christmas stuff in the area where they each live.

As most people know, I love to write books and this is by far the most exciting one I have written in a long time and I would love to involve as many people as possible in its production. We are a proud people and love this country with passion. Let’s reveal the most exciting occasion of the year in these family photos to both locals and our visitors who yearn to live here.

Each photo can be submitted to me either by sending it to my email address [email protected]; drop it off at my house at 7256 Keith Donaldson Road, Freetown, 47235; or by the US Postal Service at the same address. Images will remain part of the book’s folder and cannot be returned, so please do not send me your only copy. Stop by and I’ll scan it into my computer, or you can go to the library and do it for free, I think.

The photo must contain the name of the person shown if a person is shown; who sent me the photo; and their agreement that I use this photo in the book along with their phone number in case I have any questions.

The best photo will be used as the cover of the book, so take a look at your photos from the past and send them to me by October 15th if possible. This should give me enough time to scan them into my computer and place them appropriately in the book.

There are other benefits for the Image Provider, but not all of them have been defined as of this writing.

Helen C. Ayers, Freetown

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