The Beatles: Get Back – George Harrison’s Photographer Problems

ByDavid M. Conte

Dec 3, 2021

“The horrible tension of being locked in each other’s lives ended the other night during a TV rehearsal and The Beatles John and George at least exchanged a few vicious phrases,” Paul reads little long after Lennon and Harrison hit it off. nature blows at each other in a parody of the gossip news.

But the first element brought out less than the good nature in Harrison. The tabloid story of George’s assault on a French photographer makes the guitarist frown as much as it laughs. He is both amused and amused. The incident is mentioned in an online Beatles Daily Diary, but the entry gives the same information we get in the documentary. This is confirmed in Keith Badman’s book, The Beatles: Off the Record, who says that Mr. Charles Bébert testified in court about the incident. But he was reported.

“The BEATLE George Harrison was fined 1,000 francs (£ 5 sterling) in Nice today for assaulting a French press photographer,” the unsigned headline reads “The Beatle George Harrison was fined £ 5 B “, published in the Belfast Telegraph January 21, 1969. The report reported that Charles Bébert “had told the court that Harrison had tripped him in front of a nightclub in this seaside resort on the French Riviera last May, causing a knee injury that left him behind. needed seven stitches. He initially intended to claim 15,000 francs in damages from Harrison, but the photographers had dropped the action. Harrison was not in court today and sent an apology through his lawyers. Hebert [sic] alleged the incident happened when he took a flash photo of Harrison and Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and their wives leaving the nightclub early one morning.

Photographer Charles Bébert “belongs to the golden edge of photography where professionals know how to make friends with celebrities”, according to the biography of an exhibition of his works in 2021 at the Théâtre de l’image et de la photographie in Nice, France. “His way of working was very easy to do: not spy on stars like the paparazzi, and steal their privacy, just have fun with them.

The incident in question appears to be both less entertaining and more paparazzi-like, albeit by accident. It happened when the photographer was returning to the restaurant La Pignata, on the heights of Fabron in Nice. “I see George Harrison and his wife. I start to shoot “, Bébert confided to Christophe Cirone Nice morning reviewed in 2021. “They go inside. But there are so many people that they immediately go out.

Not wanting to waste a moment, Bébert hastened to get a better view, only to get a much too personal close-up. “The moment I ran, he tripped me,” Bébert recalls. ” I got back up. I was going to hit him. I know it’s George Harrison, but he doesn’t know my name is Bébert.

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