The photographer’s eye | Back on the bay – Santa Cruz Sentinel

ByDavid M. Conte

Apr 21, 2022

Fourth-graders from Main Street School sit on the net of the Team O’Neill catamaran as they return to Santa Cruz Harbor after a morning of marine science exercises Courtesy of the Educational Association O’Neill Sea Odyssey. Sea Odyssey’s in-person programs returned on March 31 after a hiatus due to the pandemic. Most of the organization’s work involves a basic program of field day trips to Monterey Bay for fourth, fifth and sixth graders and classroom and lab learning on return to earth. The experience is complemented by a standards-based marine science curriculum that participating classes can use before and after the field trip. Additionally, the Adam Webster Memorial Fund offers the program to those with cognitive and physical disabilities. The program was designed by Jack O’Neill, inventor of wetsuits and iconic Santa Cruz surfer. O’Neill, who died in 2017, said: “The ocean is alive and we need to take care of it.” The program is free, but all participating schools and groups must complete a community service project to earn their trip. Katie Shank, the Main Street students’ teacher, said: “The students, as always, loved the trip. They will remember it all their life. (Shmuel Thaler – Sentinel of Santa Cruz)